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Peter Lisboa singer and songwriter from Augsburg

The singer and guitarist Peter Lisboa Arndt was born in Augsburg in 1963. The nickname “Lisboa” was eventually added over time after the musician spent time and again in Portugal. And also regularly made street music in Lisbon and released a musical homage to “his” Portugal with his album “Back to Tejo“.

Peter Lisboa
Peter Lisboa

The musical career of Peter Lisboa began in the late 70s in various school bands. Together with the late guitarist Heinz Bermann and the bassist Ralf Steikowski, he founded the band Greyhound in the early 80s. And this band counted until 1984 among the leading rock formations in Augsburg counted. Also in the 80s he founded together with Gebi Gebhard and Andi Schweiger the Cultural Association KUKI, which he should remain loyal to the board for several years. Then followed a few years as a singer with the hard rock band Kick Down (1985 – 1987). And in 1989, rock band Frantic Club began its musically most successful time. Here he wrote over 50 own songs, which were later partly released.

Still with Frantic Club he won the first Pop Albert (young talent competition) in the early 90s. This was followed by a tour of Belarus and numerous gigs throughout Germany. Together with Manfred Hecker and his brother Stefan Arndt he founded 1992 The Fat Hop Sings. Then in the mid-90s he joined the Top 40 band Newport as a singer and guitarist. Then in 2000 his album “Back To Tejo” is released. This was very successful, especially in the Asian region. And on this are, for example, songs from his time with Frantic Club can be heard.

Peter Lisboa lived and worked until 2005 in Laos / Southeast Asia. There, too, he regularly performs on stage with various bands.

Back in Augsburg

After returning to his Bavarian home in Augsburg in 2006, he founded the band Peter Lisboa + The Acoustic Groove Gang. Then in 2014/15 he played Acoustic Rock in the trio Los Rockzipflos together with the Augsburg rock guitars Hero Schludi and the singer Mella Mania.

In addition, for example, the Soulfood Acoustic Project was founded in 2014 with members of Newport and singer Manu Thoms. He plays guitar and sings background. A special feature: The Augsburg band performs with an outstanding string quartet.

Peter LisboaSince 2012, Peter Lisboa has been playing mainly with Argentinean guitarist Daniel Vazquez. The two are considered to be a brilliant guitar duo and play a musical blend of acoustic rock, folk, country rock and a pinch of bluegrass.

The press refers to Peter Lisboa e. g. as “… Bruce Springsteen from Bavarian Swabia … his concerts are a brilliant journey through the history of rock music …”

Meanwhile, Peter Lisboa is also successful on the internet. For z. For example, its YouTube channel has received numerous subscribers and tens of thousands of visitors so far.

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